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I have noticed that some companies like to post "installation" pictures the are not really jobs that they have done themselves, but rather stock photos found online.

The photos on this page are OUR photos of some (not all) of the many installations we have done over the years. These may not be worthy of publishing in a magazine, but we are installers not professional photographers.

Click on the picture to open a larger version (Some are VERY large).


50" Plasma with Custom wood frame - Round Rock

LCD over outdoor fireplace - Round Rock

Wood AV Rack with Components - Round Rock

40" LCD in Bedroom - Jerrell

55" LCD over Stainless Steel fireplace - Austin

Rear in-ceiling speakers (7.1 surround) - Round Rock

Episode 10" Subwoofer and LCR 650 Speaker - Pflugerville

Episode LCR 650 Center Speaker - Pflugerville

Polk Audio in-ceiling speaker - Austin

Mistubishi Projector - Crystal Falls

110" screen/ Energy Speakers - Pflugerville

Energy Speakers - Pflugerville

Energy Center Channel - Pflugerville

55" 3-D LCD on swing arm mount - Georgetown

7.2 channel sound, 120" Screen - Stiener Ranch

Rear Surround Sound in-ceiling - Round Rock

Apartment Media Room - Austin

46" LCD with Cord Cover on wall - Austin

Acoustic Panels - Stiener Ranch

55" Mistubishi TV with SoundBar - Crystal Falls

Center speaker behind acoustically transparent screen (120") - Crystal Falls

Mistubishi Projector - S Austin

Optoma HD8000 1080p Projector - Pflugerville

In-Ceiling speakers in Kitchen - UT Golf Club -Stiener

In-Ceiling speakers in Dining Room - UT Golf Club -Stiener

Amplified Audio Keypad - UT Golf Club -Stiener

Polk Patio Speakers - UT Golf Club -Stiener

110" screen, almost finished - Walsh Ranch RR

40" LCD on Articulating Mount, Custom Cabinet with Polk Soundbar - Stiener Ranch

46" Samsung LCD over fireplace - Round Rock

Mitsubishi Projector - Walsh Ranch RR

52" Toshiba LCD on Tilt Mount - Stiener Ranch

1000 Watt 7.2 Channel Sound - 123" Screen, 1080p Blu-Ray Projection

LCD with Bose speakers - Round Rock

130" Screen with in-wall speakers in Basement (Delaware)

Rear in Ceiling Speakers - Round Rock

60" Plasma with In-wall speakers - Round Rock

Polk in-wall speakers with 46" LCD - Forest Creek RR

110" Screen with In-Wall LCR speakers - Walsh Ranch RR

Panasonic 1080P Projector - Stiener Ranch

40" LCD in Garage - Georgetown

Small LCD in Bathroom - Georgetown

Polk In-Wall - Georgetown

7.1 Surround in-ceiling (2 side + 2 rear) - Georgetown

40" LCD with Small Subwoofer (bottom right) - Georgetown

In-Ceiling on Patio - Georgetown

40" LCD with tilt mount in Bedroom - Georgetown

Polk Outdoor speakers - Round Rock

120" Screen, Polk Speakers - Round Rock

In-ceiling Speaker in Kitchen - Georgetown

IIn-ceiling Speaker in Den - Georgetown

60" Plasma with in-wall speakers - Austin

In-ceiling Speaker in Kitchen - Terrytown

In-ceiling Speaker in Den - Terrytown

In-ceiling Speaker in Bedroom - Terrytown

Polk Audio Atruim Speakers - Crystal Falls

Polk Outdoor speaker - Terrytown

In-ceiling Speakers in Dining Room - Terrytown

46" LCD, Polk SurroundBar Speaker - Austin

Polk Subwoofer - Austin

Custom LCD installation for Sportclips Chain - Austin

In-Ceiling Speakers in Bedroom - Georgetown

In-Ceiling Speakers in Bathroom - Georgetown

Outdoor Speakers - Georgetown

In-Ceiling Speaker in Dining Room - Georgetown

In-Ceiling Speakers in Den - Georgetown

46" LCD, Custom Multi-Room Audio - Georgetown

In-Wall Speakers in Den - Round Rock

In-Ceiling Speakers in Gameroom - Round Rock

in-Ceiling Speakers in Living Room - Round Rock

Polk Outdoor Speakers - Round Rock

In-Ceiling Speaker - Dining Room - Avery Ranch

Nearly Invisible!

In-Ceiling Speakers - Houston

Door Camera - Round Rock

See "who's there" on any TV in the house

In-Wall speakers in Bedroom - Austin

In-Wall speakers in Dining Room - Austin

In-Ceiling Speakers in Master Bedroom - Houston

Polk Patio Speaker - Lakeway

Polk Patio Speaker - Lakeway

Surround Sound in Den - Georgetown

Polk Patio Speakers - Avery Ranch

Outdoor (Single Stereo Speaker) - Avery Ranch

Articulating Mount for 52" LCD - Austin

50" Plasma over fireplace - S. Austin

In-Ceiling LCR - Georgetown

* Pricing and availability is subject to change without notice. Commercial Installation charges are $85/hr
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